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We are members of, and/or we endorse the following organizations/businesses:

Master Piano Technicians of America A group of very dedicated piano technician's from around the USA (and farther). Qualified members are voted into the organization, and MPT hosts a yearly symposium and also publishes the quarterly MPT Journal.

Automated Musical Instrument Collectors The trade organization for Automated Musical Instrument Collectors; AMICA publishes a bi-monthly AMICA Bulletin and also hosts national and regional conventions.

Dampp Chaser A helpful and informative site detailing the uses and advantages of installing a moisture control system in your piano.


Piano Movers (Call Jane at 269-434-8888 for up to date info)  Ben Lemke for all business and personal computer needs, software assist, etc.  Ben has helped us with our home and office database needs, our recording studio software including working with the developer, and other office items like printers and in-house networking.  If you need computer or network assistance, Ben is definitely your go to guy. 

and email  Phone 616-312-4147 Fellow piano technician Larry Fine's latest industry publication, companion to The Piano Book. This is a free online resource for anybody interested in researching the purchase of an acoustic or digital piano! Check it out!! This is a good online source for supplies, and you don't have to be in the piano industry to purchase.

AND FINALLY, Our Sytek and Davies personal musical adventure!

Southwest Michigan's Full Service Piano Shop
Tuning, Repairs, Rebuilding-Grands, Uprights, Players Pianos, 
Pump/Reed Organs, Melodeons, Historic Square Pianos

(269) 434-8888

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