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A note from Rick and Jane:  

"We've been passionate about pianos, vintage piano restoration, and all things musical throughout our almost 35 year marriage! Our work includes a full schedule of piano tuning, and also restoration and refurbishing in our small shop here in SW Michigan.

As musicians ourselves, we enjoy working with our customers/friends to improve your pianos, and to share in some way your own musical adventures! 

What started as a simple piano tuning business has evolved into a full service shop-now including pianos for sale!  We love what we do, and look very much forward to being of service!  Call anytime!"

Rick and Jane


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Southwest Michigan's Full Service Piano Shop
Tuning, Repairs, Rebuilding-Grands, Uprights, Players Pianos, 
Pump/Reed Organs, Melodeons, Historic Square Pianos

(269) 434-8888

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