A Note From Rick and Jane re coronavirus: Obviously, we are all taking extra precautions. It has been my custom for many years to carefully clean and sanitize/disinfect your keytops both before AND AFTER I tune your piano.

In addition, for your safety we have long made it our firm policy never to travel to your home if either of us are under the weather.

Finally, in particular during the coronavirus outbreak, we are following the recommendations of the CDC for limiting physical contact (I will therefore be deferring my yearly hug or hearty handshake for another time when this all settles down, which is surely will :-)

Thank you for your trust, your business, and for being you.  We both look very much forward to continuing to be of service. 

God Bless, 

Rick and Jane



Action Piano Service is a full service piano tuning, repair and vintage piano restoration business; offering services to clients with upright, grand, pump organs and player pianos. We've been active in Southwest Michigan since 1989. In addition to tuning and repair in homes, we are currently restoring a number of beautiful historical projects for clients and friends here at our full service shop in Southwest Michigan. Jane and I split the workload, and are able to schedule restoration work during our home days at our shop here in beautiful SW Michigan! We love what we do, and would welcome an opportunity to speak with you about your piano! 

Rick Davies/MPT Tuner-Technician

Southwest Michigan's Full Service Piano Shop
Tuning, Repairs, Rebuilding-Grands, Uprights, Players Pianos, 
Pump/Reed Organs, Melodeons, Historic Square Pianos

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